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Sharing stories is a way to connect with people and inspire others who may be struggling with behavioral health conditions. When you share your recovery journey and how your recovery has impacted those around you, you show people they are not alone.

J. H.’s Personal Story:

Today I am well. I am so thankful for the all of the love and support I have been given over the years. My recovery is a result of intentional self-care, honest reflection and support from my family and friends. I have grown to accept and embrace my past as a series of lessons and guides to help me in my recovery. Today I am known to many as a husband, father, brother, son, survivor, advocate, and peer. In the past, I was known by much darker and negative terms. Liar, thief, drunk, junkie, bum victim, and “that strange guy”. As a young adult I struggled with substance abuse and mental illness. Lacking any healthy way to cope with traumatic childhood memories, I turned to drugs and alcohol as a way to numb my feelings. My health and personal relationships suffered and I found myself in need of professional help. At a time in my life when I questioned my ability to keep going, I was introduced to the concepts of wellness, recovery and hope. My recovery has not followed a straight line, and there have been times when my health and relationships have suffered. I am a work in progress. Everyday I learn a little more, watch my moods like a hawk, practice self-care, laugh when it’s funny, cry when it’s sad, forgive myself and others, give my time freely and lean on my supporters when I sway. Thanks for listening. ~ J. H.

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